Landhaus Sonnhuegel

winter pictures:

garden to the South
Late afternoon: the garden to the South.
In the background the "Hoernle" mountain (1.548m)
From the summit a downhill skiing track is leading to the garden

garden to the West
garden to the West: hay-stack and larches.
Conifers of our mountains. People say, the trees would protect from lightning-flashes

View to the North in the early evening
Early evening: view to the North. St. Martin

late winter: Murnau moorland
Late winter: view from the house to the East. Murnau moorland.
A marvellous nature preserve of international importance.
In the background Herzogstand (5.680 ft. alt.) and Benediktenwand (5.909 ft. alt.).
With luck you can meet there a group of about 80 - 100 ibexes.


Landhaus Sonnhuegel
Guest House B&B
GLS Barbara Brandes 1997-1998