Guest House Sonnhuegel
Trillerweg 12     D-82433 Bad Kohlgrub
National phone: 08845-408

Guide to Bad Kohlgrub :

By plane :

If you are planning to take the plane to Munich or Frankfurt Airport you can get a lot of useful information by visiting the website of

the Munich International Airport

the Frankfurt International Airport
Innsbruck Airport

At the Munich airport there is access to rapid-transit trains (S-Bahn) lines S1 and S8 leaving every ten minutes to the underground deck of Munich Main Station in the city.
Trains of line S1 leave every 20 minutes at :15, :35, :55, trains of line S8 leave every 20 minutes at :05, :25, :45. The trip to Munich Main station needs 40 minutes.
There is also an Airport bus leaving every 20 minutes to Munich Main Station. From Munich Main Station further on please look here at "By train"

By car :

please see this simplified map

map of our region

To reach us from Munich (85 km = 53 miles) or Munich Airport please take the motorway A95 (Autobahn A 95) and head South towards Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Leave it at the exit 10 'Murnau/Kochel'. For better orientation: The exit before is 'Sindelsdorf'. After the exit Murnau/Kochel turn to the right and go West towards Murnau. In Murnau please follow the guideposts 'Alle Richtungen' (= all directions) and then 'Oberammergau-Bad Kohlgrub'.

 How to pass through Murnau

After 12 km = ~ 7,5 miles you will reach Bad Kohlgrub. To find the house -it is situated not far from the church- please see the map of the village on this website

The 'Mappy' Road Guide

By train :

If you travel by train to Munich you will arrive in the city centre. From Munich Main Station (Hauptbahnhof) take the train to Garmisch-Partenkirchen/Innsbruck until Murnau. Departures in Munich every hour from 05:40 a.m. (Mon-Fri) and from 06:30 a.m. (all days) to 11:33 p.m. from platforms 27-36. From Murnau take the corresponding train to Bad Kohlgrub/Oberammergau. At Bad Kohlgrub station taxi is available, failing this please call 464 or call the guest house (408). The trip Munich - Bad Kohlgrub by train needs about 90 minutes.

International page of German Railways (Deutsche Bahn AG)
- Timetables, trains, services and informations in English -


 to the map of the village


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